Immersive Virtual Tours for Websites
What’s special about our virtual tours?

Our virtual tours utilise the latest market leading equipment and software to develop an immersive and engaging digital model of your space, building or venue in stunning high definition. The tours are incredibly detailed, providing depth and feeling like nothing you have ever seen before. It really is the closest thing to actually being there in person.

What does a virtual tour include?

Multiple views are available within our tours, including Inside View, which lets users freely navigate the space as if they were actually there and Floorplan View which gives an overhead perspective of each floor of the building. Perhaps the most impressive and unique viewpoint is the Dollhouse View, which removes the outer skin of the building. This allows for an unobstructed view of a 3D digital twin of your building which can be rotated along any axis and provides the ability to dynamically explore the space.

Our tours also pack a powerful suite of features that can be selected from directly within the tour.

Features And
Immersive Walkthrough

Multiple viewing options as well as a fully immersive and free to navigate walkthrough feature lets your clients be there from anywhere!


All of our tours are VR ready, allowing your clients to visit your space in VR using devices such as Samsung VR or Google Cardboard and Daydream.

Schematic Floorplans

We can generate black and white schematic detailed floorplans including area and room measurements of your space without the need for further visits, saving you time.

Analytic Reports

We can provide regular analytic reports which detail the number of unique visitors on your tour so you can better understand the return on investment.

Multimedia Tags

By including in tour annotations to highlight key features, products and services within your space, you can promote what makes you special as the user navigates your space. The Multimedia tags can include content such as Image, Audio, Video, PDF files and links to other relevant web pages.

Accurate Dimensions

Anyone from stake holders, prospective venue guests, property owners to tenants can take accurate measurements directly from the 3d Space, eliminating the need for further on-site visits. A really useful time saving feature, with particular importance for renovation projects and event planning.

We're so happy we chose Envisage

“We are delighted with the addition of the two virtual tours that were created by Envisage-360. They have enabled us to showcase our restaurant and have given us a new way to stand out from the competition. Their idea to create a back of house tour of the kitchen area including the time lapse video of one of our evening services, gives our customers an all area pass to the workings of our busy restaurant”.

Kevin – Chef Patron
Restaurant 27

“We were really pleased with the virtual tour created by Envisage-360. They completed the onsite scanning process without disruption to our trading and were extremely professional and courteous to both our staff and customers.”

PMT Portsmouth
Jake Murray, Marketing Manager

“We had spoken with a selection of companies that offer a virtual tour service but I have to say Envisage-360 has a different view and approach.  The virtual tours have been a great addition to our website and have helped us to convert these online visits into physical visits at our showrooms. We would definitely recommend them if you are considering a virtual tour for your business. ”

Beau-Port Kitchens

“We were absolutely delighted with the virtual tour delivered by Envisage-360. We were looking for a way to showcase La Citaj in an open and transparent way and give our prospective customers the ability to book with confidence. The Envisage-360 virtual tour delivers on both counts and has become a valuable marketing tool to ensure consistent future bookings for this property.”

Serenity Holidays

“We were delighted with the virtual tour delivered by Envisage-360. They were able to capture the layout and most importantly the feel from within the property that just wouldn’t have been possible with traditional photography. The use of multimedia tags, highlighting features and delivering video content specific to the property, really brings the tour to life. The ability to engage viewers of this property listing with an engaging and immersive walkthrough, prior to a physical viewing, really is a game-changer”

Estate Agent/Developer
Wykeham Place

“Envisage-360 is the way forward to advertise your business! The 360 virtual tour Envisage created for us is just amazing! We have saved so much hassle of face-to-face viewings by having the tour of our student accommodation featured on our website. Envisage were very professional and they even produced some still shots from the virtual tour for us to use as marketing materials.” 

Portsmouth Student Accommodations
How it works
During a single on-site visit, we can capture all the scans required to create your virtual tour.
Over the next 48 hours we will create a provisional 3D model and begin the process of adding our bespoke multimedia tags to complete the virtual tour.
We provide you with a snippet of code to allow you to simply embed the tour onto your website.
For an interactive walkthrough experience - like you're actually there
One 3D Model
Many perspectives
Use dollhouse view to see the whole property all at once.

Floor plan gives a birds-eye perspective of the property.
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